My little brother is in the hospital, he went in yesterday, and today he had his appendix removed. I was really scared for him he’s only 11. My parents have been at the hospital all day and after school my little sister walked from my moms house to my mom’s friends house and stayed there untill almost nine when my mom brought her to my dad’s to stay with me. So i’ve been home alone basically all afternoon.

The combination of being worried and lonley makes me want to SI. I have nobody to talk to about it either because my little sister is in bed (she’s nine) My dad probobly wont come home untill after midnight, because he doesnt want me to babysit all night (im 15), otherwise he would probobly just stay at the hospital.

I had to miss therapy today because i couldnt get a ride.

I’m so worried about my brother, and missing therapy definatly did not help the situation.