I’m weak… I forgot how difficult trying to stop S.I. is… I stopped before when I had a boyfriend because obviously it was too difficult to hide from him.  But now that I don’t have someone seeing all of me all of the time I have no protector, no one to keep an eye on me… I feel so unsafe from myself…. everywhere I turn theres a reminder or a thought that brings me back to S.I…. I get so hot wearing clothes to cover any injuries… And do you know how many things have sharp edges? The list never ends! AND THEYRE EVERYWHERE! even the occassional simple item lying on my desk is a reminder… I hate this so much… I’m so incredibly weak… its only day 3…. I need someone to hold my hand and tell me I can do this… Prayer isn’t helping I need someone physically here telling me ‘NO’…. I am so weak, help me please!