im a male 30 years old, and i have a female friend 21years old, and she injures herself alot. she calls me all the time to talk and i listen the best i can, i try to give her advice the best i can,but in the end she just ends up injuring anyways, we’re not dating so theres no romantic connection, i just really care about her and i feel like i have to help her, i cant just turn my back on her. i just dont know how to help her, she says if i contact the authorities it would ruin the trust she has in me and she wont talk to me about it anymore. she says im the only one she does talk to about it. but im just so deathly afraid and i know its only a matter of time before she goes to far. i feel completly helpless, if anybody has any ideas please help me help my friend before its to late. thank you so much