Alright, well, on terms of SI, I am clean, which I guess is good.  But quite frankly, I could care less.  On Sunday, my friend told me that she was being abused by her parents.  I was not terribly suprised, I had guessed that she was being abused, but it was ABSOLUTELY AWFUL to hear that I was right.  I feel so terrible and angry and sad and helpless.  I wouldn’t let her go home on Sunday, so she stayed the night with me and we tried to come up with a plan for how she could possibly get help.  She hasn’t told anyone else besides me, and I made her promise that she would tell an adult who she trusts (which is really hard for her, considering she can’t truly trust anyone right now…) since I can’t exactly do anything.  I’m only 14.  She doesn’t want to tell anyone else though, cause she’s afraid that they’ll make her leave her home and move somewhere else.  But if making her safe means moving in with a relative or family-friend, then it may not be that bad of an idea, even if it’s only for a few weeks or so and not permanent. 

The pain that I feel is too deep to even describe.  She is my best friend, and it is is unbearable to see someone you love and care about in so much pain.  And I have the urge more than I ever have to punch her dad in the face for abusing her, and punch  her mom for doing NOTHING while HER OWN F%*&$ING CHILD is being ABUSED BY HER HUSBAND!!!! Does anyone have any advice that they could possible give to her? I have never gone through what she has, and I think she just needs some hope that she can get through this and that this is NOT HER FAULT.  I am meeting with my guidance counselor, whom she has agreed to talk to, tomorrow to tell him what is going on, so, hopefully alll goes well.

Please, pray for her.