Finally. A break.

I haven’t injured since the 13th. It is now the 24th. 11 days. So proud!
What made me stop? Many things, I guess.
For some reason, I had always liked the way the injuries looked. Just recently, they have made me feel even more ugly. When I see them, I want to scream. I feel HIDEOUS.
Secondly, it’s been getting extremely hot here, and I want to wear shorts and tank tops. Kinda hard when you have marks.
Third, my mom. I can’t keep this from her, but I don’t want her to know, either, because she doesn’t deserve to have to go through this again. If I won’t not injure myself for me, then I’ll do it for her.
The other day, she saw them and asked, “Yeah, and by the way, what are those marks?! WHAT the HELL is goin’ on, NOW?!”
I just lied, and said that between my cat and puppy….well, yeah.
She believed me.
I am an amazing liar.
Usually when I’m lying, my nostrils flare (Yeah, I know, weird. LOL.) But, when it comes to a dire situation, I can lie my way through anything. Sadly, this is a trait of which I am proud of. Twisted.

But…all is pretty well. 11 days and counting.

God please let this war be over.