I just injured myself.  Something always triggers me. Very recently I got my first boyfriend, but of course there is always a problem. I can barely see him because he doesn’t drive, and everytime I arrange a time to meet up with him, my sister intervenes and makes it impossible for me to see him. I feel almost as if she is jelous because she is older than me and she hasn’t had a boyfriend. Today, I was supposed to take the train with my sister and go hang out with him, but she refused to go, so I couldn’t go either because my dad doesn’t know about my boyfriend and I’m not allowed to date. But my boyfriend is the first person to truly care about me. He knows I injure myself and he hates it, so I have to hide it from him whenever I see him again. I’m just so tired of everyone around me and their stupid requirements and agendas. It’s like I have to please so many people in different ways all at once.  And now I’m just exhausted and I don’t want to go on anymore.