I have been having a pretty good week. Sunday night was morbid!!! I started journaling and ended up brining up feelings and thoughts (that I delt with amazingly) and I ended up crying for hours!!! However, after a couple of hours crying I could feel “that” need coming on, so I called one of my best girlfriends and asked if I could borrow her jeep to go and see my boyfriend. Well she agreed and I was able to get out and go see him. I spent two hours with him and I just felt a lot better, not only because I was with him, but because I did not SI. It is amazing to feel proud!! It is going to continue getting harder, but the satisfaction is going to be forever!!! And I just want to say thank you to everyone here who blogs and comments because you guys are what helps me get through some of my worst moments!!! Knowing that we are not alone is only beneficial!!! Thank you for your support and help and honesty!!! 🙂