Today was SOO GREAT! The first really good day in a while.  I actually smiled, and truly felt happy, not the stupid acting happy I usually do.  I hope I can remember how I feel right now when I get bad, so I can know that there IS hope, no matter how bad it may seem.  I’m so thankful I had this day to get a boost up, cause I’ve really needed one.  I just hope and pray that I can stay like this!  This day has sorta made me think that maybe, we never really have “good” or “bad” days, they may all be the same.  But the thing that makes it good or bad is our interpretation and mind set.  Maybe since I’ve been so down and depressed all the time I never realized that I DO have a good life filled with happiness; I just focused on all the crap in life and had a bad attitude about everything.  I don’t know, maybe my thinking is a bit off, but I think I may have just had my “click” moment!! 🙂 My battle against SI has truly started now.   

Have hope and be strong!