So today sucked really bad. Everything was fine until lunch today. My bf walked to where we usually sit and he was crying, and i didnt know why. Apparetly, he got in trouble for skipping hid dance class, and hes probably gonna get thrown out of the school. I wanted to cry so bad, but then wed both be crying. i just sat with my head on his sholder, and i felt to helpless. Seeing him cry hirt so bad, and i couldnt do anything. He cant leave the school! Cant they just give him temporary suspension or something?? Theres two weeks left, he just can get kicked out now! I need him, hes the REASON I  stoped SI! I love him so much, and i dont know what ill do without him. Everyones saying its his fault for skiping, and it is, but I DONT CARE! I just want him to stay. Why is it that anytime i get any happiness, it gets taken away? Cant I just be happy for once? I guess not, i really shouldnt be suprised by it anymore. Im never going to be happy, ever.