I am so scared! My si has gotten worse than ever. And i dnt really understand y. I no ive been feeling hurt, rejected and abandonded my my brother, but that has been going on 4 months. I also no up untill a few weeks ago, i was doing really good. I hadnt injured n almost 4 months. But, i gave n once, and since then, the stakes have gotten really high, even life threghtening. Thats y im so scared. I am so ashamed of my si. I feel like i cant tell anyone, and thats partly true. My family would quit talking 2 me. My friends get scared, and my counselor has threghtened 2 stop seeing me. Not 2 mention, i dnt wanna let anyone down. So its just this big secret, a big life threghtening secret. It is a bad feeling 2 b scared of yourself, but i am. I dnt like being alone, bc, i no that if im around people, i probly wont si. I dnt like being w people, bc im afraid they will c my injuries. I need some eytra support from someone who wont abandon me or get scared, but does that person exist. I wanna make it clear tho that i dnt wanna die. I even wish i wasnt injuring at all, but that is where i am now.