Im scared and i dont know what i can do to stop injuring myself.  It relieves stress when i injure myself.  Neither of my parents/family know (unless you count my step brother and sister).  a lot of my freinds know, but only the ones who i can trust. well sense  im writing all of this, i might as well tell why i injure myself.  well when i was in sixth grade i found out that my parents were getting divorced. i was devistated. i always thought that my parent would never get divorced, but i was as wrong as wrong gets.  so i went on, and my mom told me that things would get better. yeah right.  they got worse. i later found out that my dad cheated on my mom with someone who he got knocked up and is now my stepmom (i call her my step loser). and that really pissed me off! so i went on with that. about five months after she first found out she was pregnate, she lost the baby. So that made me deppressed for a while. then my dad started drinking more that usual.  once he was drunk and trying to drive home and i told him no, he slammed e agaist our car. my chest hurt for hours, i had a killer head ache, and i had a bump on my head for 2 days. so the rest oof the dramatics went on, i would get in fights with my dad and/or my step mom. once i even ran away.   She was so worried about me that she flipped out my mom and dad and then she went to “look” for me. her way of looking for someone when they are missing is apperantly going shopping with my step sister. so a lot of times passed between then. but eventually i just couldnt take it anymore. one night when my step sister fell asleep i crept over to her side of the room and injured.  i was talking to my freind while i was and thats when i found out, she to injured herself. there was so many injuries that i haad to make up a story so no one would expect the truth. So ever sense then ive been injuring myself. last saturday i was with my dad. he was drinking and i didnt know. so i got in the car with him. well he was going to fast and when he went to make a turn he couldnt and he hit the curb and flew into big, real not plastic rocks. when we hit the rocks i jerked forward and my seatbelt looked up. it turns out that the seat belt was on myneck. i had a red mark for about two hours, and now i ahve to wear a neck brace for at least a week. that made me so deppressed (the accident, not the having to wear the neck brace) that last night i injured. can anyone help me? i cant tell anyone. i cant go to the doctors. i already see a therapist! what am i supposed to do?! please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!