Well..so much for trying. I SI’d today. I don’t get it!! I mean, one moment I think I’m fine, and then BOOM!  I did it today it was because I felt really low, and I saw my reflection, and despised what I saw. People tell me I’m pretty (especially my boyfriend, God love him! Hee Hee), but I just don’t FEEL it. It’s hard to be something you’re not. I don’t know…I feel like I’m smacking God right in the face when I do this. When I SI and verbally degrade myself.
At least tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!
Okay, a little about myself, so you guys don’t think I’m just some mopey (spelling?) girl who SIs! Haha.

1. My favorite colors are green, white, purple, and pink
2. I’m very spiritual, and LOVE theology and philosophy.
3. My passion (besides studying religion and religious texts) is medicine. I plan to either
go into pediatrics or emergency medicine.
4. I am the class of 2011. WOOH! lol.
5. I HATE high school!! LOL
6. I have Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroidism (and possibly Lupus. We’ve not heard from the
doctor, yet, about my ANAs)
7. I missed 1/2 of my freshman year because I was super sick with severe chest pain,
passing out, extremely high bl— pressure, etc. Yeah..it sucked. But I learned MANY
valuable lessons. So, if you ever have a “mystery diagnosis”….COME TO ME!! I LOVE
diagnostics, too!! I’m really good at them.
8. I’m in all advanced classes, and am a perfectionist…but I’m not as good as my friends,
which sometimes drives me to SI. I’m never good enough. I’m always “pretty good” but
“great.” You know that feeling?
9. My best subject is Science, but my worst is Math. Does that make sense?! Lol. I have
a 97% for Chemistry and a 101% in Biomed. 84% for Algebra II. LOL.

Well, I”ll write more later!!

<3 Kate