Hey guys…

So I had a session with my counselor tonight, it really was great. I got to talk about all the things that happened a year ago, the high point of things with my father and all. To share a bit, my dad emotionally abused me, and forced me to witness domestic violence with two different marriages, the first with my mom, and then my stepmom. He also hit my siblings. I told him a year ago that I was done with all his crap and I wouldn’t put up with it anymore. I thought I was being strong, but it got much worse. He would come to my practices after school and just stand there…just being in his presence made me feel uncomfortable, to a point where I’d get sick and not feel safe anywhere I went. He knew I self-injured, but he still took me to court, put me through therapy, caused me to have three nervous breakdowns, and I ended up in the hospital. It was bad. I’ve gotten alot of help since then though, and I talk about this stuff openly if you haven’t been able to tell. I have moved on from it, and the only downside of all this is that I don’t see or talk to my sisters anymore, as he has told them that I’m a bad person and made them dislike me. I try my best to not think about that though, because in reality, I know they don’t hate me, they’re just being manipulated. But as of now, I’m okay, and I don’t worry about my dad anymore. The main thing that gets me through is telling myself I’m better than him, and being able to say that I’ll be a much better person than he ever was. I’m strong. And he is NOT a reason to self-injure; nothing is.

Hopefully you all have a better understanding of me now, haha.

<3, rescue