So, I talked to everyone I know Monday…and I talked to my NA sponsor yesterday, and tomorrow I will talk to my therapist (we are doing Thursday instead of Friday this week). But, the situation with the friend and boyfriend I am pretty sure I have resloved, with the enlisted help of others. But, my sponsor said…get rid of that person in my life, he is a “using” friend and I need to show my boyfriend that I am 100 % committed to him. So, I have done that very thing. It is changing behaviors that I need to work on. So, if a guy friend txts me…I shouldn’t txt back, I am in a relationship and that is inappropriate.
On another note…I have an appointment on Monday with this place for the partial hospitilzation program (Thank God!) I still have pent up energy, my sponsor says that I am still settling and learning how to be SI free and sober. Both are very hard, and together sometimes I feel like I can’t handle it! But, today I can, today God is helping me. I know that he will be helping me tomorrow too! Anyways, I have decided to do my full body workout 5 times a week and keep up with running…today is day 3 and I am liking it already…I am sleeping sooooo soundly!!!!
Exercising helps soooo much!!!