I have something to tell that happened today.

Today my History class was replaced by a lecture about bullying. Four members of a community theater center represented some bullying scenes and talked about bullying. discussed the subject with us.

In the end they formed 8different groups and give each one a work: two groups should write a bullying related sms, other two should represent some video they would put on the net to humilliate someone, other two should represent a bullying scene with a unhappy ending, and finally other two should represent a bullying scene with a happy ending.

As I said sometimes, I don’t get too nervous acting. My group and the group of the biggest bully on my class represented the happy ending. In my group I was one of the victims. in the other group the bully played the role of the bully and she used that moment to harass one shy boy in the class. In that moment I said: “She is not playing a role, she is acting like she acts in real life”

I said this whispering but some of her buddies heard and told her. then outside she threaten me. I got scared because I am her most precious victim and when I lost everyone from sight I started crying.

Next class would be PE, and when my PE teacher was going to the gym she saw me crying. I told her why I was crying and then she decided to call the persons who gave the lecture. They went to our PE class and were 90minutes talking to that girl…she tried to win the words battle, she made her victim, but in the end I don’t know how she understanded she was really doing bad to me and to my classmate.

In that moment everyone said their opinion. The boy told why one time he disappeared from school 3weeks. Because all classmates, and mostly that girl made fun of him. I had strenght to say that one time I tried to kill myself because of her. Many persons on class (for the first time) said what was their thought about what she was doing!

When the lecture ended she said “I am not a bully. I am not like that” but after that “group therapy” made in class, with teachers, members of the Student Counselor Room and all of us in class (and only our class) I guess she understood.

After some minutes without anyone seeing she approached me silently and apologized to me for what she was doing. She apologized to the boy too.

I don’t believe she is acting because I believe she would only acting if any teacher or adult was seeing. And she apologized without anyone knowing.

I hope now I won’thave more problems with her. I seriously hope that.