Hello everyone!! Right now I feel so many emotions all at once and they are so overwhelming that all I want to do is SI!!! I have been extremely angry these past few days and my therapist says that it probably has to do with Mothers day as I don’t talk to my mom and also around this time two years ago I tried to commit suicide. It feels as though everything is happening all at once(bad stuff) and I can’t handle it anymore!! It is too much!!! I just want to crawl into a hole and never come out. I am isolating a lot lately too and don’t want to talk to anyone and I know that is not good but all my friends seem too busy to talk to me. I feel like I have no one except for one loyal friend I met at SAFE and no one where I live. Maybe I should just SI and get it outta the way so this pain can be elleviated somewhat even if its only for a few minutes. I am trying to stay afloat but am sinking really fast!!! Maybe I should just move away to where no one knows me and then…??? Who knows!!!  Alone….