In reading posts recently, there seem to be many folks who find their faith helps them with self injury.  That’s wonderful.  And I know from working in the S.A.F.E. program, that can be true for many people.  I’m also aware though, that there are people who have different faiths – those who are Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, etc.  And there are some who choose to not belong to organized relgious groups.  I really just wanted to point out that everyone is welcome at this site, and not everyone has to agree on their religious beliefs.

Also from working at S.A.F.E., I am well aware there are many people who self injure who find they are very angry at God or religion.  It’s okay to talk about that here as well; and in fact it can be very helpful to express those feelings.  What one person finds helpful in their recovery,  may not be what everyone finds to be helpful.   Each person is unique in their struggle, and all voices are welcome here. 

I just wanted to be sure to include ALL of you who may be reading these words.  Have good weekends everyone!

Pam L.