i am done. i am just sick of it all. i dont want to pretend anymore. i dont want to have to smile and laugh and say that i am “fine” or “good” when in reality i am falling apart inside.  Nothing that i used to love intrests me anymore.  I have been accepted into the best college in the country for what i wanted to do for my career.  i dont care anymore.  i am not interested in  going anywhere, doing anything, seeing anybody.  all i can ever think about is how i want out.  i want out of this life, out of this scar covered body. i am done. done with life. done with living. done with everything.  and no one  understands.  and i cant tell my therapist about it because he will just tell my mother and then they will admit me to the hospital. i dont know when, and i dont know how. but i dont want to be here anymore.