Lol, I finally figured out how to post…thank God.

So today, I’ve been feeling pretty hopeful. Yesterday, too. Actually, I went to my therapist yesterday, and got the chance to talk about anger I had in me that I didn’t know existed. So after that I felt okay. Then later on, I found out that my brother told my grandma that my dad [who I don’t speak to anymore because he’s abusive] hit my two year old sister…I was really, really angry, and in fact, I wished him dead. It’s toned down for right now, I’ve been okay all day. I actually brought my bible to school with me, and read the scriptures during lunch and photography class. I found enlighenment in it, and I think I’m going to read some later on and pray. A reminder to all of you, you’re in my thoughts and prayers all the time.

Thank you for allowing me to be of help, I feel it’s why I’m here. And I’m really, really happy in doing so.

Peace to you!