The end of the year is so so so hard! Everybody I know if this colse to snaping, a few already have. My friend ‘N’ had a breakdown today, started crying in class and had to go to the therapist. ‘S’ who is usually a really happy person was on the verge of crying today, and just didnt talk, which is his way of freaking out. ‘ T’ Was crying by herself on the stairs today but wouldnt tell us what was wrong excapt she thinks shs gonna fail out of the school. ‘Al’ freaked out on a teacher then was seen being taken home by her mom crying, and apparently got two days suspention because she yelled at the english teacher for loosing her test AGIAN.   My bf had a bad depression thing all last week, and i was worried it was about me, but he better and it was just SCHOOL STRESS ICCUES, of course.  But i think hes getting sad agian. My mom is makeing me feel really bad about myself and Im about to breakdown, i can feel it. I want to cry in class,  or run out screaming,  just sit alone at lunch and cry. Its SO hard at this school! Do they WANT US to feel this way??? Oh my gosh!  I reallyt need to talk to someone. I want to talk to ‘A’ my bf, but im afraid to put that on him. I dont know, I just dont know!  [Also, all names used are abreviated with the little ” around them, just so you know.]