I’m Heather. I’m not your average girl. I don’t fit in with “normal” people But normal-ness doesn’t exist. I finally one day decided. to stop caring about what people think of me. What you see is what you get. Like me, we can be best friends in no time. Hate me, that’s your choice. I have more flaws than I can count. But it’s my flaws that make me who I am. Perfection does exist actually. To be perfect, you have to accept yourself. And smile at who you really are inside. Labels suck. I don’t give them, or take them. I l?ve ?music? It keeps me sane I’ve made alot of mistakes in the past. If I could, I’d go back and undo them all. But I can’t, so all I can do is say sorry. And hope that whatever hurt I caused anyone I feel the same pain tenfold… I don’t like to fight or hurt people. When people close to me hurt, I hurt along with them. I’d give my life for my friends.  People tell me i care too much. Maybe I do,but it’s just the way I am. And I won’t change for anyone, ever. Love is not an excuse to change someone If you really loved them you wouldn’t make them change. But love is a myth anyways, so no worries… Depressed is a GOOD word to me. I But. Emotional..is a better term for me I guess. I have Bi-Polar , OCd. Anxiety.. PTSD.. You name it I probably have it:(.. I’ve been injuring sense i was 9 years old I’ve just turned 17 and it’s taking over my life ..