one year ago today, i got on a plane and went to SAFE.  one year ago, i was one person and now i’m another.  i am healthier, i am happier, i am stronger.  i didn’t get to the point i’m at all by myself, but every time i chose not to injure has been my choice.  i chose me for me.  i made that happen and i take full ownership of that.

making healthier choices would not have been possible without SAFE, however.  i learned to be that other person that i am today.  i learned to care about me and to make choices that were for me.  i learned to live my life on the outside, not the inside.  i learned to reach out and to talk honestly, no holds barred.  i finally became the person i was meant to be.  it was hard to find me because i’d been hidden all those years, but i’m here now and i am not going away.

to kristy, suja and especially lauren: thank you for everything you did for me.  thank you to matt and sarah, my favorite techs.  you have all influenced my life and i am truly grateful.  thank you from the bottom of my heart!

and since i go incognito around here, i’ll help you out and tell you i’m juelie.  it’s the extra “e” that might help you remember me.