ok yesterday me my mom and my sister went to Galveston and idk what happened right when we got to the beach i started having really bad hallucinations and flashbacks i ended up staying in the car i told my mom i felt sick and now its like every dark corner holds another monster (you would understand the monster thing if you saw it) but its driving me crazy and its so scary i haven’t S.I’ed yet but i’ve gotten so close one of my worst hallucinations is the one of my best friend i’ve mentioned her but i haven’t told the whole story i might as well now about a year and a half ago my best friend committed suicide and i saw everything that has haunted me ever since and for a long time i blamed myself for not getting there early enough i’ve never been able to get over it and thats where my hallucinations started now they’ve gotten worse there are other things there to and they never go away until i S.I. i’m so scared of this and idk what to do