Hello. I am in my junior year in high school and I suffer from severe depression. My stepfather is a very controlling person and verymoody.he makes everyone else the same way. My mother took me to a psychologist one time for my panic attacks and hallucinations, but she didn’t help much. all the doc did was finally confirm the reality to my mom, which she pushes off to the side up to now. She simply doesn’t speak about it. I want to get help, but there is no-one i trust who will actually help me. After a while, I turned to injuring. I always made sure that I covered everything in front of my parents or anyone. I have to take the ACT in June to get a real good score, but I dont have the motivation to study.Nothing really matters to me anymore.

I’m sick of people constantly denying it and pushing it to the side. “oh just wait until you graduate and then leave” or “Oh things will get better, dont worry”.I want help, and I want it now. I want someone to listen to me. Please. I can’t stand this anymore.I need someone to help me.I’m afraid I might do something dangerous. I need help please.