OK… so in one of my blogs I wrote about a speech I was doing in my addictions class about self injury. Well that was today… I was never so nervous infront of a class before, and i think I shaked the entire time, however I went up there and gave it. Talked a little about my personal story, but most importantly informed them about self injury. Think I saw a couple shocked faces, especially when I read a poem I wrote a year ago, but I was ready for that. I was still shaking afterwards for a little while. But I was so proud of myself to get up there and help to get the word out that self injury does indeed happen and is so much more common then one thinks – two million people in the U.S. self injure! (that number is actually larger since a lot go unreported) We are not a lone! and since my speech I think I’ve come to realize how important it is to get the word out, so people understand this addiction, and so we no longer have to hide and be ashamed of what we do. Anyway… the speech was a success and I got an ‘A” on it. Tempted to give other speeches or do something to get the word out there but need to figure out where to begin.
Thanks to all of you! if it wasn’t for your support and kind words doing that speech would have been more difficult and may not have happened due to me chickening out. You guys all rock for overcoming all that you have and the things you continue to battle. dont be ashamed of falling, but be proud of how far you have come along, and be proud for making it a week, a day, or even an hour without self injury. we can fight this battle, and we can do it together