Soooo…today was a good one. By “good” I mean no SIing and also no obsessing over it. I received a call today from the psych hospital and I am suppose to be getting started in their partial hospitalization program!!! Today during therapy (which I go every Friday) was amazing. I guess when WE are ready to deal with troubling issues it just happens. Who knows why? I believe that God helps us and let’s us know when we are ready. Today I am ready to begin to talk about the sexual abuse that happened with my uncle. I didn’t start talking yet, the partial isn’t in place yet…and for my own safety (from myself) it needs to be. I am embarking on a new and very scarry road, but I know there is a light…I can slightly see it. One day at a time, one hour at a time, one problem at a time…really, that is all WE can do. Tomorrow when I wake up, I will ask God to help me get through one more day without SIing. I do not know if it will happen, but I am hopeful. Hope is keeping me going, hope for a life without my SIing, that’s all I want.