I know I write really long comments to a lot of the posts. I also come and go from this site. To be honest, I don’t truly understand SI. I just recently realized that I’m a self-injurer.

For ten years, my intention was usually never to just hurt myself. I was going for suicide, but my attempts just happened to fail. On occasional, I do feel like I am not even a self-injurer. I read some of the posts and I can only guess what the word “tools” refers to. I’ve never carried self-harming materials with me. But, I try to help with a few words of advice – whether or not, anyone actually does something with the comments I leave.

I just want to apologize for being harsh if I come off that way. I don’t want to come off as being better than anyone. I’m sorry.

I believe everyone has their own values and worth. I am the kind of person who learns from everything and everyone. The best way for me to realize things is if I can relate it to something else. I can gain insight from a hot dog or from a random movie. I don’t know if this really helps explain some of the comments I leave. I really hope you take into consideration to the things I say. Never give up. Good luck.

“You cannot achieve a new goal by applying the same level of thinking that got you where you are today.” – Albert Einstein