I don’t know what to do. When i came to this sight i began to read some of the posts and a lot of people talk about how their parents support them in trying to stop SIing. I am in a relationship and he does help to calm me down, but he does SI  but in a different way than me. I want to be able to help him, but how can i when im telling him to stop doing something, that i do myself. So, i want to tell my mom that I SI, that way i can get better and help him. I just don’t know if i should or shouldn’t. She isn’t exactly open to talking about that kind of thing and doesn’t like the thought of it. Im afraid that instead of helping me, she will ground me and punish me for it. Nd that isnt going to help me, instead i will probably end up SIing more than before. Nd the other nite my step dad was talking bout how he hates ppl that do stuff like SI, because they are just feeling sorrie for themselves (this is NOT what i think, only what he thinks). So that made me think that i will never be able to tell them. What do you think, tell them and risk getting into trouble instead of getting help, or not tell them and get help on my own?

P.S. thanks for all the help on my other post, reading about other ppls experiences have helpd me hugely.

Love, Babygurl <3