I’ve been trying to stop SI. I swear I have, but I can’t stop. I almost burst into tears the other day in class! I feel so weak and useless. I just developed an eating disorder. I ache all over and I want to quit.

I want to get this message out just in case. NEVER go to sites that encourage people to hurt themselves. Please don’t.  After reading doing that, I couldn’t back away. I know stopping SI is hard and seems impossible, I know I am not even close to an okay example of a recoverer. But please. Please try your very hardest to stop.

I want a happy ending. They don’t seem to be real in my life. Thank you all for your support while I was on this site, but I think nothing will change for me. I appreciate your support more than you could know, but I most likely will not be returning here. Please, please do not look at me for an example.

Thank you again. You are all beautiful people.