Hi All,

As one of the moderators of the blog, I’ve seen many recent posts from people talking about wanting to SI, etc.  It’s always good to vent, and I wanted to encourage people to try and share what feelings they are having.  Wanting to SI doesn’t just come out of nowhere, it usually starts with a feeling such as sad, angry, lonely, hurt, rejected, scared, etc…  While it’s good to express that you want to SI, I think people will find that it helps so much more if people could also try to add what feelings they are having.  

Look for what is triggering your impulse to injure.   If you don’t know what I”m talking about, look at the book “Bodily Harm” as it’ll explain more about it.  We just want people to get as much support as they can from this blog.  Your feelings are important!

Thanks!  Pam