I hate life.   Today i think ive cried the most i have in so long. it is horrible.  I SIed yesterday and cried myself to sleep.  Today at school i didnt participate and talk to people.  I went to my phsyciatrist and only answered her questions with yes, no, or i dont know.  the anti depressants arent working at all.  i only have 1 good friend to count on.   my mom doesnt understand what im going through, although she believes she does.  i love my dog more than anything, and i start to cry everytime i think about her dying.  all i can think about is getting into car crashes and what my life would be like ifi died.  I dont know why im so upset.  What caused this? A couple days ago i was fine.  Now today all i can do is cry.  Im hurting so much and once again im running out of hope.  Nothing is working.  i finally was excited to learn that when i take anti depressants i will feel better. but that didnt happen. i the same or worse.  UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    i need help but i refuse to take if for no reason. im so tired and lonely and desperate. when will this change. when can i finally feel better?????????????????????? please leave a comment with any advice or comments or anything. thanks : )