Its just something that has become natural for me. I don’t even know when or how I started but I have been doing it for years. It has always been something I do to cope but a lot of the time I find I just do it out of habit. I’ve never actually told anyone that I SI. This is the closest that I have actually gotten to it. A friend of mine that I met in September has figured it out though. She simply sent me a text message telling me not to be doing it. She was very non-intrusive about it and she hasn’t said anything to me and I have seen her several times since. I want to talk to her as I think it is something that she has dealt with before. Maybe she is waiting for me to say something now? Perhaps she was telling me that I could talk to her? The thing is, if I admit it to someone, I will be pressured to stop. I trust her but I keep getting a sick feeling in my stomach when I even think about stopping now.