So when I first started SI-ing back in december of last year I injured one way…it never really worked out though and it never helped as much as I felt it should have. Now back in August of this past year my friends confronted me because I told one of them and then that one told the other two and then they all confronted me and one girls mom even told my mom. I convinced my mom it was nothing and to let it go and I stopped injuring all together even though I desperately wanted to injure myself…just something! Tonight though I was taking a bath and I started looking at a scar on my arm and this scar wasn’t from injuring but I always wished it was. Looking at that scar made me want to injure….and I did. Now I just have to pray that there is no nice weather soon where I might wear clothes that would show it and then get questioned. And now as crazy as it sounds I wanna tell my one best friend who actually has enough courage to ask me if I’m still depressed and injuring and all that. But I don’t want my mom to know that I started in the first place much less again.