I am glad to see there is a group out there like this.  I am happy to know that you guys are out there and have the opportunity to really change the lives of kids.  I am blown away.  I really wish something like this would have been at my schools or in my town.  Here i am an adult and i am still struggling every day with this affliction.  Sometimes it goes away and things are fine but it only takes that one heated moment to send me into this downward spiral of injuring myself. Just simply out of hate for myself.  I am covered in scars… My tattoos only mask the years of damage….  I wish that someone would have come along when it all first started and would have gotten this craziness out of me..  I wish that their was more formal treatments.. It seems like the people that i used to hang out with in high school who all mutilated themselves have grown out of it..   It has become a way of life for me.   Punishing myself for the horrible feelings i have.  How do you live a normal life when all you know is this constant heartache? And worst of all… that heartache from those around watching you self destruct?

I have been to many doctors and it seems all they can manage to do is give me drugs.   I can’t live like that… I can’t live like this…
Its been been a decade of failed suicide attempts and SI. My biggest fear and heartache is that there might be a kid out there feeling this…  Knowing there are kids out there like this…  I am so happy to see the there is someone who cared enough to form a group like this…  People need to know that it is out there… You never know if someone around you is suffering..  On the outside you would see me as a legal secretary, piano teacher, college student, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter, you would see me being successful and happy.

You wouldn’t have the faintest clue that  i am dying inside, or the damage i have done to myself….

Thank you for providing the forum and road to recovery for so many people, its good to know that as horrible as this world seems to be at times… There are good people who care..

Much Love and Peace,