I have a problem-solving thing to contend with and I wonder if any of you have experienced similar: I was trying to finish my degree and must be well into my senior year by now. I’m a good student and usually get A’s but I was in the middle of an independent study when I lost control of myself. Now I have an incomplete but I think it will turn into an F soon if I don’t write this one paper that I’ve developed considerable angst over. I’m just having too much difficulty concentrating to feel I can get myself through it even though I really want to do it. I’m faced with this ambivalence where I kind of don’t care about getting an F and really think grades are meaningless anyway and I understand what I’ve been through lately and want to be kind to myself and just let myself off the hook. I’m also hoping that for graduate school it shouldn’t really matter if I have an F because everything else about my application would be very strong. On the other hand I think I also feel like a failure to the world if I can’t just pull myself together and get the paper done- I’ve been months of thinking maybe I’ll be able to do it next month. Maybe I just need to at least try. I think that’s true: I should try. The first step has to be communicating with the professor and I haven’t spoken to him in about 6 months so I need to provide some sort of explanation. This might be the real hang up I have about going forward with the paper. I can’t figure out how to account for myself to him. If I say I’ve been having “health problems” that sounds physical and I feel like I’m being deceptive. But I don’t know if I can bare to say I’ve been having “mental health problems.” I don’t see any way other than to make that confession but it feels so invasive to have the cross a professional boundary with him- he’s just not that type of person. It looks to me like I’m going to have to just suck it up and tell him the truth since he’s also my “mentor” and I can’t avoid him and continue with school. Anyone been through this sort of thing? All this is brining up the old wound of not having finished school the first time around where I was in a great school and doing wonderfully until my mind just exploded and collapsed.