Whats wrong with me? Why am I such a failure? Thats all I am, a FAILURE! I’m failing all my classes, and no mater how hard I try, I cant bring up my grades! My mom is about to give up. Thats fine though, I dont care. She says she loves me, but shes a lier. And a good one. So am I, I got it from her. Even though she says how much she ‘loves’ me, and how I ‘mean the world to her’ I KNOW its a lie! I was a mistake! and ACCIDENT! And even though she says I’m the best thing that ever happened to her, I know its not the truth. If I was never born, she would be like my aunt, out in the world, happy and away from my grandparents, not haveing to care about anybody else but herself. But she had ME. She told me so!

” If I didnt have you to worry about, I would have a life. Now, I’m stuck here until I die. So thanks. Thans alot.”

I’m stupid, a failer, and worthless! On top of that, my SI is worse than ever.  Lovely. God, I HATE my life. HATE it. Why am i like this? Why do I hurt EVERYONE? Sometimes, I just wish I could die in a horrible car crash, or get some rare  illnes. Guess I’m just stuck here for now, acting like  I’m totally alright. Cant anybody see? I’m miserabl, and totally alone.