hey I am new on here and I have been addicted to SI for 4 years. I am 15 yrs. old and am so sick and tired of this destructive addiction. If i had known when I started that it was an addiction i would have never done it. ever. I really want to stop because i know it is not only destructive and unhealthy for me, but it deffinitely affects my relationship with God in a negative way. I have tried counseling(i was actually forced into it my my parents even before they knew i SI) and it failed miserably, and i have tried meds and that hasnt really done much either. but anyway is it just me or does S.A.F.E. alternatives therapy seem totally amazing. I was reading about it the other night and was just drooling because i know i need help because i CANT do this on my own.sadly S.A.F.E. therapy its not even an option for me because its all the way on the other side fo the country for me, but wow. That would deff be the first and only rehab i would want to get myself into. Because although SI makes me feel better when I do it, it is wrong and i want to stop. I want to be free from this addiction because it is wearing me down, and once i start i cant stop. So is it just me, or do you all feel the same way, we need help, but it is just out of reach *sigh*