I just wanted to say that i am here for  a n y  of you who need help or support through tough times. No, i have not recovered from this, stuff. However, i  k n o w  what your going through on a daily basis. I know i have told my story on here a couple of times so i am going to spare all you frequent ppl 😉 from an additional time ((ha ha))

Anyways you can always reach me at

email: oreosandcookies@gmail.com
Goodluck everyone!

Oh, ps.- For people who eventually view my artwork by contacting me,  i do use the color red in my art work ((i know some ppl find this triggering)) however all my art work is inspirational. No graphic icons or images are put on this thread.so about the only thing triggering is the color. Just wanted to give a heads up on that one.