So today at school…I had a great day!!! Amazing actually! I got good grades back, saw friends, and had fun! I was still having a good day when I came home from school and for awhile after that however it suddenly started to spiral downward my best guy friend (probably) is going to take the partner quiz with someone else instead of me…and I thought we were taking it together. Not a horrible deal it just hurt because he basically blew me off and then my mom started on me with my laptop and being on it sooo much even though my grades are “good” as she said even though before she said “great” or “amazing”! And this of course led to crying because she told me that I wasn’t thankful for things then she started checking what I was doing going on my history all that but I cleared it which got her even more MAD! I’m not feeling well both emotionally, mentally, and physically yet she pounds on me for this now I only might have an hour or two of internet even though she knows that I’m keeping up my grades and working hard! I had the most amazing day at school then all the sudden the sun sets and my night is horrible! My face is red and I don’t even cry a lot but usually we have about one major fight per month or so and this was it I guess…and worst of all its continuing tomorrow to…the START of my Spring Break and I’m starting it out like this! My mom hurts a lot because she basically verbally abuses me and puts me down…sometimes hits too (I’m 16) but for the most time its words and personally I’d rather be hit and not have her say anything then not be hit and listen to her say a bunch of mean things to my face! Sometimes we fight (verbally usually) after she’s done “secretly” smoking or drinking anyone who has or had a parent or guardian like that knows that those really mess with their heads and then it makes them annoyed soooo much quicker and I just try to stay clear but its hard because then even if I am in a good mood she might take something I say the wrong way and then we get into it. What I hate the most is that those words that she says never leave my mind…and for a very long time I’m very touchy about hearing those words in just a conversation with my friends or something because then I remember tonight or a month ago or 5 months ago and it hurts. I have a younger sister too so I always feel bad whenever she’s crying because of this…its not fair. But my mom isn’t as bad to her compared to me she goes amazingly easy on her! Which is good for my sister. So my day was amazing…and now my face is red, I want to hurt myself, I don’t want to be here all because my night was TERRIBLE!!!