Hey everyone!!!

I feel so dirty at the moment. You see I have a girlfriend and she means the world to me and I have no idea what to do because I met someone else. Well, I’ve know this girl for a while and I’ve always had feelings for her but I was always to scared to ask her out. Anyway, this weekend she asked me out so I said yes even though I have a girlfriend I feel so horrible about my decision now. I’m thinking about breaking up with my girlfriend but I really don’t want to hurt her because she said I make her life mean something… you know, I never thought I’d be that significant in someone’s life and it makes me feel really good. But this other girl I met has a lot more in common with me and I’m thinking about seeing how it goes. I’m gonna ask me current girlfriend about it and see what she says, I’ve asked her before and she said I should just go out with both of them but that makes me feel so terrible!!!

Well, I’m all for comments… please leave some 😀

Love ya lots,
Caitlin 🙂