Today I was having a pretty good day…until we got assigned a project now I love projects! I’m a total fan of projects but…its a group project and in this class…AP Euro I have friends but none of them are my best friends where I know that I’m already in a group and I have nothing to worry about. Probably my closest guy friend doesn’t pick me and instead goes with all guys in his group…the girls around me I talk to but aren’t really my friends their more like the girls you talk to in the class just to talk. At this point the class was almost done and I still had no group…I had no idea what to do I went to another group they had 5 the max. But then I remembered one more outcast who wouldn’t probably have a group…I was right he didn’t it its only the two of us in this group so I know when we present we’ll stand out and people will probably laugh a lot! I’ll also probably get picked on but what hurts even more then standing out or being picked on is that I knew I wouldn’t have a group and no body would want me in their group! It hurt me soooo bad I just wanted to cry but I knew I couldn’t it hurt…a lot! Now I just really want to prove to people that I’m not what they think I am! I hope none of you will ever have to experience this! Its the worst feeling ever!