ah so ive been injuring for like a year now. and it become a habit.  i hate it so much and wished i could stop.  i get made fun of me injuring all the time. which makes me do it even more. and after i SI i hate the fact that i did it that i wanna do it all over again. at time i feel like my tool is all i have left to go to. my friends dont understand me. and my family is never ever there for me. everyday i go to bed wishing ill will never wake up. ive gave up on everything, and it so hard to start caring again. i spend all day in my room. doing nothing but wanting to injure, i hate it how SI controls me. ive tried killing myself more than once. and failed all of them. i just need someone to help to out. to hear me and know where im coming from. i just want someone to care.