i dont know these feelings im tired of these feelings they wont go away i dont know what to do…i dont fit in anywhere anymore im all alone maybe thats what i deserve is to be all alone with noone i dont have any friends im all alone im so tired of hurting and crying and being this way i cant do it anymore what is wrong with me? why does noone want to be around why do they all leave i dont understand why do they go and never look back?why does it seem like they all hate me and dont even want me around? i try not to put myself out there but its not working…when i go to track i stay quite and they all get mad at me im tired of being picked on and being made fun of so i thought if i didnt say anything i would not hurt as bad…but guess what>>>i was dead wrong …..they were all talking behind my back and it hurts so bad i just cant anymore…i have no life and what i do have i want to quit because its not worth the pain but i love it so much its just so hard because they are so hateful to me…i dont know how to fix it anymore nothing i do seems to make it any better…i want things to work out so badly but they just wont…i dont understand no one wants me around so maybe i should just give them what they want