well tommorrow is the 2nd of march..and its also self ijury awearnece day…just to say it…but because of this im going to try my hardest not to si…but its so hard…i feel all alone in this world now adays and its starting to take effect on me…sometimes i dont know what to do…and it hurts and makes me so fustrated inside..well today my mom found my  stuff  and i dont even know how either..im kicking my butt so badly right now…she came and asked me what this was and i played stupid and said idk because i didnt want her do be upset with me not now anyways because thereis alot of stuff going on right now and sometimes its so hard to even make it through the day…and then she made me strip and show her myself and man it  just makes me so fustrated….but she still doesnt know and right now its okay..because if she was to find out so much stuff will happen and i cant go there right now at this time…maybe i need to but i just cant…i have gone through about 4 days without si im trying to go for wednesday but its so hard and so fustrating becasue this is something that i havent done in a time now….i dont even know if i want to get help but i know i want someone to talk to about things with and just get it all out there but its so hard because right now i have noone to  do that with and its so hard to stop everything and stop the tears from falling down my face and to just stop it and i dont know how to do it anymore. so it all comes down to aday to day thing more of minute to minute and its so hard ugh i feel like im going crazy or im about to lose my mind and just lose it all together