So today this friend of mine was joking about SI, so i called her on it. I dont rememer what i said, but i was very serious that SI was nothing to joke about. Well, she thought i was joking, and just started to joke even more about it. I was mad that she was doing that, but at the same time i understood her, i used to do the same thing. So, i pulled her aside and told her again that she shouldnt joke about that. This time she realized that i wasnt joking. I later told her that i was hospitalized for 6 weeks because of it. Im not close friends w/ her, so i hope i didnt freak her out too much. It just goes to show that people just dont understand. Very few people would openly make fun of ED’s, because everyone knows its a serious problem. But people dont realize that the same thing should go for any problem, even SI. Okay um im ramling now and just was kind of venting so im just going to stop talking/typing now.