I am struggling so much with my eating disorder the last couple 4 months or so. I was doing okay for a while and than I relapsed completely and now its bad. But see my counselor wants me to go into treatment but I am so not ready for that at all! I mean everyone wants me to go but they are not the ones who have to go! I need to be okay with it first!! I mean don’t I? My family does not know that I even struggle with this at all. I’ve kept it hidden pretty well. I mean they are definitely noticing that I am losing weight but that’s it. I am afraid if I go away my SI’ing will get worse. at least the thoughts of it cause I am actually doing pretty well from the counseling I have been getting. Its getting easier and I never thought that would happen. I also don’t think i am bad enough for treatment. I just think its all a bit dramatic. any opinions?