Well, today is the official starting date of lent. So I figured well why not give up SI for 40 days?

A seldom few know about me SI. I don’t broadcast it. I have quit countless times, sometimes it’s for just a week or a month or even a few months but I always do it again. Well back to Lent, I decided to give it up for 40 days, but i sat in my bathroom crying again trying so hard not to do it. I hate crying so I SI. Justin one of my friends decided to give up meat for Lent, so he and myself made a pack to give up our things together and to let each other know when were slipping. I had quit SI myself for almost 7 months, but because of the guilt I felt I started doing it again. And again I was at the point where I was doing it every other day three times a day in order not to cry or have a panic attack. Now I’m sitting here writing this trying so hard not to do both SI because I want to give it up for Lent and crying. Ugh I just don’t know.