It seems my every thought is consumed by self~injury on a daily basis. HOW DO I LIVE THIS WAY!!! I’m worried that I’ll never be happy again and it hurts… I’m running out of reasons to why my life is significant. There’s no reason I was put her for a reason! Yeah, yeah, yeah… everyone was put her for a reason but I truly believe I was put on the earth by mistake. I see people smile or hear people laugh and I wonder how it feels to laugh or smile… I can’t remember the last time a smiled or laughed or even looked forward to another day. The only thing I look forward to is going to sleep… it’s so much easier than having to live through a day. My dreamless sleep doesn’t consist of thoughts of self~injury and I’m greatful for that. I’m eight~teen, shouldn’t I be looking forward to living and the future and all that jazz! GRRR, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? Maybe I’m just a freak and that must explain why I’m unwanted by every being on this stupid planet!!! I was never meant to be created. I truly believe I should’ve died when I was born. Why did the doctors try so hard to keep me alive! MY LIFE IS SO WORTHLESS!!!