i have done everything. i am a fifteen year old girl in the need of help. but none of my friends can. i need help in the eyes of ones who truly understand how i feel.  scared to be home, no father, dead brother, working hard, involved drugs within family, and distress fills my heart each and every day. each day it gets harder to hide the scars.  every one i tell, fails to help me stop.  i love my friends too much to keep putting the pain on them of me talking to them.  i have no one else to go to.  three friends know how fake i am. know that that smile i wear every day is not real.  sometimes i am depressed over nothing. absolutely nothing. and i reach under my rug, and get it, and do stupid things that none of us should be doing. we are all too good to do it be what tell ourselves we deserve it.  i do it because i cause pain, then i deserve it to. someone, any one, poeple, i dont care. just comment me back. i would appreciate anything absolutley anything that is said to me.  this is my last possible cure.