Ok. so i recently had to do this project that jsut sent me over the edge and supremely stressed me out. It caused me to yearn for a way out that all of you know is not good. I wanted to SI more than i ever have and i almost did. Now i am feeling guilty because on the day the project was due and the day before even i stayed home, petrified of going to school and lacking a complete final project. Now it isn’t like i left it all up to the last day. Ok so in a way that did happen but not by choice. I had mainly made all of the rough draft deadlines and the book form was done. All i had to do was type and paste and fix up a few of the paragraphs. I started this at 12:30-ish thursday. I continue working with some breaks until 2:00AM THE NEXT DAY!!! Yes, that’s right it took that long. I believe i spent more time than what would of been olated to me with what i had after school. This is for a level 5 freshman class. It was an abc book on WWI and we were given 2 days to write 5 rough drafts. Now to right a rough draft for a letter that is fine however we were also given only 2 days to do the final as well. Now i don’t know about you guys but that doesn’t seem like enough time. I feel bad that i chickend out but i did pay. i was unable to go on a trip this weekend because of it. Please do you think this is enough time to do a project like this. Yes, we could of worked on the weekend before and yes it was my fault i had paragraphs left but we are TEENAGERS for crying out loud in probably 2 or 3 classes and i don’t know about you but even level 5 teenagers don’t have an awesome work ethic. Well, know i have built my guilt even more as i see that if i hadn’t left the pargraphs i would of finished on time but see the thing is it was hard to find the facts and oh wait, i didn’t relize i needed most of the paragraphs before the weekend i learned that week about those paragraphs. Sorry am thinking while typing. well now i feel better realizing soem things but still. i feel bad that i let myself do this and i jsut wish i could drop to a lower class. oh another question, how drastic is the difference between level 4 and 5 supposed to be? I though it was supposed to be just slightly maybe an extra project maybe a slightly harder one but is the difference supposed to be huge? like level 5 does an  abc book while level 4 does a power point on ONE subject. does that seem right. well i guess this is just a rant but i would really appreciate answers if you could because it is something that has really affected me badly and i would like to know where to turn now. because while i approached my counselor who tried to have me drop the level it couldn’t be done and know i don’t know what to do. pls respond if you can.